Muktinath Helicopter Tour

The Muktinath Helicopter Tour offers an exciting and efficient way to discover the revered Muktinath Temple and its surrounding area in Nepal. Situated at an elevation of approximately 3,800 meters (12,467 feet) in the Mustang district, Muktinath holds great significance for both Hindus and Buddhists as a prominent pilgrimage destination. It is believed that visiting this temple can bestow liberation or “Moksha” upon individuals. This helicopter tour allows you to embark on a convenient and scenic journey, enabling you to witness the spiritual aura and natural beauty of the region within a short timeframe.

Commencing in Pokhara, the Muktinath Helicopter Tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel and transportation to the domestic terminal of the airport. Following a pre-flight briefing and safety instructions, you will board a well-equipped helicopter specially designed for high-altitude flights.

As the helicopter takes off from Pokhara, you will be treated to awe-inspiring views of the city and its surroundings. The flight will traverse across verdant valleys, terraced fields, and charming villages, showcasing the diverse landscapes of Nepal. As you approach the Mustang region, the scenery undergoes a dramatic transformation, revealing rugged mountains, deep gorges, and arid terrains.

Upon arrival at Muktinath, the helicopter will hover above the temple complex, granting you a panoramic vista of the entire site. The Muktinath Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, exhibits a unique fusion of Hindu and Buddhist architectural styles. From above, you can witness the golden pagoda-style structures, prayer flags fluttering in the wind, and devotees engaging in rituals and prayers.

Depending on weather conditions, there may be an opportunity to land near the temple and explore the sacred site on foot. You can immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance, visit the 108 water sprouts and sacred ponds, and witness devotees partaking in ritualistic bathing. The serene and tranquil atmosphere of Muktinath is truly captivating.

Following the ground time, you will be escorted to the helicopter for your return journey to Pokhara. As you glide through the air, you will be treated to breathtaking aerial views of the Mustang region, characterized by its rugged terrains and towering mountains, including the awe-inspiring Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Upon reaching Pokhara, you will be transferred back to your hotel, marking the end of your extraordinary Muktinath Helicopter Tour. This experience will leave you with a profound sense of spirituality, cultural richness, and the sheer beauty of the Himalayas. It provides a convenient opportunity to visit the revered Muktinath Temple and witness the captivating landscapes of the Mustang region, all within a single day.

Muktinath helicopter tour outline itinerary

  • Phase 01: Departure from the hotel
  • Phase 02: Fly from Pokhara airport (827m/2,713 ft) to Muktinath temple (3,800 m/ 12,467 ft).
  • Phase 03: Explore Muktinath Temple (38,00 m/ 12,467 ft).
  • Phase 04: Fly from Muktinath Temple (38,00 m/ 12,467 ft) to Pokhara airport (827m/2,713 ft)
  • Phase 05: Drive back to the hotel
  • Some Places
  • 3800m
  • Whole Year
  • 10

Muktinath Helicopter Tour Overview

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Highest Altitude: 3,800 m/ 12,467 ft above sea level
  • Transportation: Overland & flight
  • Group size: 1 to 5 (maximum)
  • Best Season: March-May & Sept-Nov

Muktinath Helicopter Tour Highlights

  • Aerial view of the landscapes and the Himalayas.
  • Holy bath under 108 waterspouts and muktikunda.
  • Bird’s eye view of Rupa Lake, Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, and Pokhara City.
  • Remote, Religious, pollution-free, and tranquility.
  • Exploration of Buddhist and Hindu culture.
  • Eye-catching close to the peaks like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri


Phase 01: Departure from the hotel

Trip Duration: 30 mins

The trip starts early in the morning. One of our representatives will pick you from the hotel and drop you at the domestic Airport while you can enjoy the pretty view by the road.

Phase 02: Fly from Pokhara airport (827m/2,713 ft) to Muktinath temple (38,00 m/ 12,467 ft).

Maximum Altitude: 3,800 m/ 12,467 ft

Trip Duration: 45 mins

After reaching the Airport, you’ll go through the airport security check and get your boarding pass. You’ll be briefed about the flight and given essential guidelines, and your helicopter shall take off. The 45 mins flight will be a lifetime experience with the ariel view of the city of lakes, scattered settlement areas of the highlanders, snow-capped mystical mountains, lush rhododendron forest, and the landscapes you’ve never seen before.

Phase 03:Explore Muktinath Temple (38,00 m/ 12,467 ft).

Maximum Altitude: 3,800 m/ 12,467 ft

Trip Duration: 30 Min

Muktinath temple is a pilgrim site to both Hindus and Buddhists. Muktinath is a Sanskrit word where ‘Mukti means salvation and ‘Nath means God. Thus, Lord Vishnu is believed to provide salvation to the worshippers. You can perform worship rituals and havan in the temple. You also can take a holy bath on the 108 waterspouts named ‘Muktidhara’ and a holy bath in Muktikunda for salvation and inner peace. Because of its altitude, the temple is a perfect place to capture scenic beauty for eternity.

Phase 04: Fly from Muktinath Temple (3800 m/ 12,467 ft) to Pokhara airport (827m/2,713 ft)

Maximum Altitude: 3800 m/ 12,467 ft

Trip Duration: 45 mins

After exploring the Muktinath temple and nearby areas for an hour, we shall make our way back. With the memories of all the rituals we practiced, nearby places we explored, and the moments of tranquility, we shall fly back to Pokhara. On our flight back, the Himalayas will bid you farewell, and the city of lakes will welcome you back.

Phase 05: Drive back to the hotel

Trip Duration: 30 mins

We shall land at the Airport after around an hour of the flight. Our representatives will help you complete the airport protocols and drive you back to the hotel. You can then celebrate this thrilling trip to Pokhara City.


Price Includes

  • Airport pick up & final departure by private vehicle. (Pokhara Hotel to Hotel)
  • All needed permit & national park fees.
  • Helicopter Transport
  • Government tax & service charge.

Price Excludes

  • Extra an activities, in case if you have an extra day on your holidays.
  • All kind of drinks as like mineral water, beer, tea, coffee, juice, Coke, Fanta, and hard drinks.
  • Travel insurance.


When is a suitable time to tour Muktinath?

The most suitable weather for traveling in the Muktinath region is in chilly autumn (September to November) and beautiful spring (March-May). The roads and skies are clear then, and you will get an opportunity to relish some lovely panorama of the peaks. You will witness the enriched vegetation and get to see a pleasant environment.

Is the Muktinath Heli tour safe?

Safety is our primary concern. Since the weather and landscapes of Nepal are very challenging, we do not fly without the comprehensive study of the wind pattern and the weather in the muktinath region. We execute our tour only with the green signal from our experts.

What are Nepal's visa requirements?

Before traveling to Nepal, you must first obtain a Nepal visa. Except for India, all travelers from other countries requires to have it. Once you are in Nepal, you can apply for this visa. Then, send your passport, which must be valid for at least six months after the tour begins.

What are the required documents for the Muktinath Heli Tour?

While traveling to this region, you might require various documents of your information. Hence be careful about your documents while traveling to the Muktinath Region. Some of the essential documents are:

  • Your Passports
  • TIMs cards
  • Your ATM

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